We run daily aerobics sessions @ 7.30 – 8.30am (Mondays – Saturdays) and 6.15 -7.15pm (Mondays – Fridays).  These sessions are run by experienced instructors. We are commended for our extreme sense of punctuality and professionalism. Although the groups have people of varying levels of fitness, all needs are catered to and everyone  is adequately challenged; feels the impact on their bodies and actually do enjoy the classes.
The classes are varied , covering : CONTOUR AEROBICS; STEP, AEROBICS; TAEBO; SALSA-INSPIRED MOVES; PILATES, BOX EXERCISE, BOOTCAMP TYPE WORKOUT.  There are different instructors for each day of the week.

Each session covers a cardio section, (fat burning); resistance-training(with weights) and flexibility exercises. It is indeed a complete head to toe  programme . You don’t have time to be bored.
If you can’t make a class for any reason, we have many DVDs, which can serve as a guide to what you may wish to work on.


We do Swedish, deep tissue, therapeutic massages. Our Therapists are experienced and will advise on which massage you need. The environment ensures privacy, comfort, serenity and good healing music

Body polishing, glow, exfoliating and Facial treatment are done to suit your skin type using natural products. Detoxing Sauna Sessions and other body treatments are also available.

Dance classes for adults and children are run  from 11am – 1pm Tuesdays and Thursdays. These are usually extremely was successful. Dances learnt, vary from hip hop; jazz; broad way; freestyle; and ballet. Dance not only gives a good workout and is exhilerating. It  builds up self confidence and discipline. For our young ones, this is of course translated to other areas of their lives.


We encourage our clients to eat healthily. However, obesity is a serious problem world- wide, and oftentimes, this is due to eating too much over-processed food and lack of exercise. To keep us on track, as to reality of how we may be inadvertently ‘poisoning’ourselves, we have a renowned house nutritionist, who  keeps us on the right track. Princess Body Perfect; Kate Emiko is herself, a living testimony of how changing your eating patterns, can dramatically improve your appearance and health.  Since the choices we make affect us positively, we then pass it on to our families and the long-term effect, is a healthier society.

The stomach is realistically, the STORAGE HOUSE for most diseases. It is our responsibility what we put in there….

We encourage our clients and the general public, to call and make appointments, for any other services…..e.g massage, facial, pedicure, a sauna session etc. This ensures we are prepared for you and you are not kept waiting. Please call – 09094631805