Welcome to PASLIM GYM, a Health and Fitness Centre, where your general well-being is our business. We are at Lagos Country Club, No. 2 Joel Ogunnaike Street, GRA, Ikeja Lagos. Tel: (+234) 09094631805, 08184507375

PASLIM GYM enlightens people on the benefits of exercise;  to share their joy as they reap the benefits of incorporating exercise into their daily lives. The impaction of this lifestyle  is what we revel in.
Our clients gain more confidence, their walk becomes more spritely, their skin improves and these are only the physical benefits………the list goes on.

Obesity is a serious problem world-wide, and oftentimes, this is not only due to eating too much over-processed food but also the lack of exercise.

To keep us on track as to reality of how we may be ‘poisoning’ ourselves, we have a renowned nutritionist, who comes in regularly, to educate us and keep us on the right eatig track... Click here to read more

Image 1 Aerobics We run daily group exercise sessions @ 7.30 – 8.30am (Mondays – Saturdays) and 6.15 -7.15pm (Mondays – Fridays).  
Image 3MassagesWe do Swedish, therapeutic massages. Our Therapists are experienced and will advise on which massage you need. The environment ensures privacy, serenity and comfort

          Facial Treatment and Body Polishing Body polishing, facial treatment, exfoliation are done to suit you skin type using natural products.
Sauna Session such as detox, wild workout for heart and and other body treatment also available

Image 2Dance Dance is an excellent form of exercise. We also organize dance lessons on Saturdays from 11am - 1pm and 1pm -3pm during the holidays. Also bring your children to learn new skills, get fit and have fun.